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Our Thai translation services are available in Perth and across Australia. Perth Translation provides Thai translation services for several fields such as medical, legal, financial, individual, business and so many more. For every translation project that we handle, we spend the time to understand your needs and work with you closely to ensure that we meet all of your requirements.

Perth Translation has employed the most skilled, certified and qualified native Thai translatorw who have industry-specific experience. Upon receiving your document, we will match it to the most qualified translator who has a deep understanding of your translation project

Benefits of Our Thai Translation Services

Rapid Thai Translation Services

Perth Translation is capable of performing a quick 24 hour turnaround time for our Thai translation. If you want to avail of this for your urgent translation project, do let us know. Mention your deadline and your choice of our urgent Thai translation services. You can get in touch with the Live Chat below or the free quote translation form.

Affordable Translations in Perth

Our Thai translation services are well known to be the most affordable translation without sacrificing the quality of the translation document. We have high quality and cost-effective  NAATI certified Thai translation services in Perth.

Native Thai Translators

Our Thai translators are NAATI certified and fully qualified to handle your Thai documents. Each one of our translators is  a native speaker in the language. You can be sure that when you choose Perth Translation, you’re choosing a quality Thai translation services provider for your document.

Online Service

We understand how busy your schedules are; as such we have created fully online Thai translation services where our clients don’t have to visit our office. With our online service, you don’t have to go out of the house and experience the heavy traffic. With your phone or PC, you can get your document fully translated by a professional Thai translator with a simple click of a button.

24×7 Service

Any time of the day, you might suddenly need the service of a reputable Thai translation services provider. With our 24/7 translation service, you can have your document translated in just a matter of days. If you need help with your translation, feel free to contact us via the Live Chat, and we will reply in less than a minute.

Hassle-Free Payment Methods

We accept all types of credit cards, bank transfer or PayPal fund transfer for your translation requests.

Thai Documents We Translate

Thai Driver’s LicenceThai Marriage CertificateThai ID card
Thai Birth CertificateThai Death CertificateThai Police Clearance
Thai Degree CertificateThai DiplomaThai Academic Transcript
Thai Translator PerthThai Translations PerthThai Translators Perth

and all other Thai documents.


Express Service Option

NAATI Accredited

Competitive Prices

Request a FREE Quote

Get a price request for you Thai translation services and receive a reply from us in less than 15 minutes. Find the free quote translation form, complete the details and attach your document. You don’t have to send us the exact copy of your document. A photo or scan will be enough as long as it is clear enough so we can assess it and send you an accurate translation quote.

5 Interesting Facts About the Thai LanguageThai Translation Services

  • Aside from Thailand, the Thai language is also spoken in Laos, Los Angeles and California.
  •  The Thai language is easier to learn with its tonal language and grammar. It has no declensions, conjugations or inflections.
  • It also does not change number, gender or number.
  • Thai has borrowed a lot of English words especially the ones in the science and technology field.
  • Thai people consider the feet to be dirty and the head as sacred. This is why body language in a Thai conversation is very important.