Affordable Swedish Translation Services

Swedish Translation Services

The Swedish language is a part of the East Scandinavian group of the Indo-European language family in the Germanic branch. Swedish is mainly used in Sweden but also used in Estonia, Canada, Norway, USA and the United Arab Emirates. It is estimated that there are around 9.2 million Swedish speakers around the world.

At Perth Translation, we provide professional Swedish translation services from Perth for multiple industries including:

  • Corporate Swedish Translations
  • Healthcare Swedish Translations
  • Legal Swedish Translations
  • Government Swedish Translations
  • Individual Swedish Translations
  • And many more!

Why Choose Perth Translation

High-Quality Services

Whenever undertaking a Swedish translation project, we always make it a point to work closely with our client to understand the translation project’s concept better. This also allows us to grasp the project’s target audience thus ensuring high quality and accurate Swedish translation.

Accurate Translations

A language such as Swedish needs a native Swedish speaker to handle any Swedish translation. At Perth Translation, we have experienced and trained Swedish linguists to translate your documents. We understand that accuracy is needed when it comes to our Swedish translation services. Instead of depending on translation software, we utilise trained, and NAATI certified  Swedish linguists and translators. We also have seasoned Swedish project managers to oversee and ensure your translations are high quality.

7+ Years of Experience

We can handle Swedish translation services in the English to Swedish and Swedish to English language pair. Whether you have a one-page Swedish document that needs a translation, Perth Translation has the resources and skills to provide you with quality and accurate Swedish translation services.

We have the experience in translating Swedish projects from a single document translation to creating a high volume legal document. Our extensive network of 2000+ professional Swedish translators allows us to work on various Swedish translation projects for clients in several fields.

NAATI Certified

Perth Translation has been servicing Swedish clients for years and has extensive experience in providing NAATI accredited Swedish translation services with NAATI certified Swedish translators. You can get your document translated today and receive it in no time.

Upon your request, we’ll also send you a certified hard copy by Australian post (additional postage and handling fee applies).

Fast Turnaround

We are proud to have Swedish translation services with rapid turnaround time. Our standard processing time for our translations is 2 to 3 business days. While this is fast, we have a faster alternative for that which has a 24-hour turn around time. Ask about our Urgent Swedish translation services.

Affordable Translation

For our Swedish translation services, you can avail of our fast and quality translation for a minimum of $69. As each of our translations start at a low price, most of our clients come back for another translation. Our pricing per translation project differs according to the language, deadline and length of the document.

Swedish Documents We Translate

Swedish Driver’s LicenceSwedish Marriage CertificateSwedish ID card
Swedish Birth CertificateSwedish Death CertificateSwedish Police Clearance
Swedish Degree CertificateSwedish DiplomaSwedish Academic Transcript
Swedish Translator PerthSwedish Translations PerthSwedish Translators Perth

and all other Swedish documents.


Express Service Option

NAATI Accredited

Competitive Prices

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Contact us today for a free quote. Just fill in the form and attach your document so our linguists can assess it and send you the exact quote for your translation project. It only takes us 15 minutes to reply to your translation price request.

5 Interesting Facts About the Swedish LanguageSwedish translation

  • Norwegian, Danish and Swedish languages are similar to one another. When you learn one of these languages, it’s like learning three languages in one.
  • Unlike English, the Swedish language has their articles come after nouns.
  • The Swedish language has two words for grandfather. Your grandfather on your father’s side is called as farfar while the one on your mother’s side is morfar.
  • Swedish has no direct translation for the word ‘please’.
  • The language only received its official status in 2009.