Professional Slovak Translation Services

Slovak Translation Services

We handpick native Slovak speakers who have years of translation experience to translate your documents. Our translation comes in the following language pairs:

  • English to Slovak
  • Slovak to English

With all the nuances and subtleties of the Slovak language, we have employed the best NAATI certified Slovak translators who deliver in a timely manner while preserving the quality and content of the source text. We offer online professional Slovak translation services so you can conveniently get your document translated with just a click of a button. Perth Translation’s biggest selling point is its reliability and affordability.

Slovak Translation Team

We have put together a team of certified, native-speaking and experienced Slovak translators. All of our translators can deliver Slovak translation services efficiently and quickly. Any time of the day, we provide accurate Slovak translations in various fields like technical, legal, medical, marketing and many more.

All translations are done with the audience in mind. Our Slovak translation services provide contextual and logical translations that are the same as or better than the source text. For every translation project that we receive, we assign a dedicated project manager who will closely work with you to make sure all of your translations are of the highest quality. This comes at no cost to you.

100% High-Quality Slovak Translation Services

We strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction with every translation project that we handle. Thousands of our customers trust us to provide a 100% high-quality and accurate translation of their Slovak documents, and we strive to do just that. For your peace of mind, every delivered translation is checked with accuracy and quality in mind.

Get a Free Quote

Check our low rates by getting your very own quote for your document. It’s simple, just complete the free quote form on this web page and upload a scan or clear photo of your document. We will email you with a detailed estimate of your price request in no more than 15 minutes.

Certified Slovak Translations

For your certified translation needs, you’ve come to the right place! Perth Translation has the best NAATI certified Slovak translators. You can use any of our certified Slovak translations for legal purposes and submit it to the authority that requires translations undertaken by NAATI certified Slovak translators.

Slovak Documents We Translate

Slovak Driver’s LicenceSlovak Marriage CertificateSlovak ID card
Slovak Birth CertificateSlovak Death CertificateSlovak Police Clearance
Slovak Degree CertificateSlovak DiplomaSlovak Academic Transcript
Slovak Translator PerthSlovak Translations PerthSlovak Translators Perth

and all other Slovak documents.


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So how can you avail of our Slovak translation services?

  • Get a free quote for your Slovak document by completing our online enquiry form. Check your email in 15 minutes; we will send you the free quote form.
  • If you are satisfied with the quote, you can proceed to send us your payment. We accept credit cards and fund transfers via PayPal and online bank transfer.
  • Once your translation is completed, we will ask you to check the translation draft. If you are happy with the result, the final soft copy will be emailed to you. We can also send you one certified hard copy of your translation by post upon your request (additional postage and handling fee apply). Expect a 3 to 5 days waiting time for the hard copy to reach your address.

About the Slovak Language

The Slovak language belongs to the Slavic language and Indo- European family of languages. It is the language of Slovakia or the Slovak Republic. The start of the language can be traced as far back as the 6th and 7th century. There are four major dialects in the Slovak language as Central, Eastern, Western and Lowland Slovak dialects. Today, as much as 6 million people around the world speak the Slovak language. Some speakers can be found in the US, Argentina, Romania, Poland, Croatia, Canada, Hungary, Australia, Ukraine and many more!