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Persian Translation Perth

Perth Translation offers NAATI certified Persian translation services for various fields including medical, technical, legal, personal, etc. Our translation services are the leader in providing Persian translation services in Perth. We deliver our professional Persian translation services in English to Persian and Persian to English language pairs.

High-Quality Persian Translations

Are you in search of Persian translation services for your business or personal document? Perth Translation leads the translation industry in providing high-quality NAATI certified Persian translation services. We assist our clients in translating financial reports, legal contracts, technical manuals, websites, marketing materials, and many more.

We guarantee top quality service and reliable translations provided by the best Persian translators. We are capable of handling translations for both small and large companies with specific translation needs. For more than seven years of providing quality Persian translation services to our clients, we have established a personalised and effective translation process for any document.

Competitive Rates

Our Persian translation services are competitively priced against other translating agencies in Perth. With us, you only need at least AU $69 to process a translation. Most one-page standard translations are priced at the minimum rate. Examples of these are licences and certificates. However, all documents are first assessed for a translation quote. Business documents have a per word rate while standard documents are priced per page.

Fast Translation

Every year, we translate thousands of documents, plus we provide rush Persian translation services to all our clients. Our urgent translations have a quick turnaround time of fewer than 24 hours. On the other hand, our standard service can produce a translation in 2 to 3 business days.

Get an Instant Quote!

Receive a free Persian translation services quote. We accept payments through banking transfer, by all major credit cards and PayPal. We email firm quotes in less than 15 minutes. Take advantage of this feature and see firsthand how affordable our translation services are.

How do we perform our translations? We only employ the most qualified professional Persian translators who have a proven track record and long experience in the translation industry.

Why choose Perth Translation for your Persian translations?

For more than seven years, we have spent the time in establishing a team of translation experts who we can trust to deliver fast and quality translations for you.

We have worked with hundreds of brands, companies, organisations and government departments. Our objective is to provide the best Persian translation services so why not experience our service firsthand and work with us.

Persian Documents We Translate

Persian Driver’s LicencePersian Marriage CertificatePersian ID card
Persian Birth CertificatePersian Death CertificatePersian Police Clearance
Persian Degree CertificatePersian DiplomaPersian Academic Transcript
Persian Translator PerthPersian Translations PerthPersian Translators Perth

and all other Persian documents.


Express Service Option

NAATI Accredited

Competitive Prices

How to get a translation?

Easy. Here are the summarised steps in getting your translation today.

  1. Get a quotation by completing the free online enquiry form. We reply in just 15 minutes.
  2. Complete your order. We will start the translation upon receiving your payment.
  3. Once your translation is finished, we will send you a soft copy via email. Upon your request, we can also send a certified hard copy to your address (additional postage and handling fee applies). Just let us know.

5 Interesting Facts About the Persian LanguagePersian Translator Perth

  1. Persian is known as Farsi in Iran. It has more than 130 million speakers to date.
  2. The language is among the oldest languages that are still spoken and used until today.
  3. The French and Persian language has some similarities considering that the two has had a long historical relationship.
  4. Persian does not have ant gender or article in its grammar. This makes it one of the easiest language to learn.
  5. In Afghanistan, people speak Persian. However, their language is called Dari.

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