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Norwegian translation services

For high quality, fast and affordable Norwegian translation services in Perth, choose Perth Translation. We are the leading Norwegian translation services provider in the city. Our translators are handpicked and chosen based on their track record, experience and skills. With Perth Translation, you are guaranteed to receive the best version of your Norwegian translation.

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Increased Sales

By getting your marketing materials and business documents translated, you increase the number of your audience thus leading to more sales. Perth Translation always translates documents with the audience in mind. Our translators are expert linguists who have a deep understanding of the language’s nuances.

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Get a competitive advantage when you think outside of the box and get your documents translated. You can even gain new customers.

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By getting your licences and certificates translated, you open yourself up to more opportunities. More chances of getting that dream job, processing a visa, getting into a university and so much more!

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Years of Experience

For 7+ years, we have produced top quality translations that boosted our client’s sales and helped thousands of individuals with their job, university and visa applications.

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Our translators are all NAATI accredited, so all of our completed translations conform to the highest standards of NAATI. You can submit our translations to any authority for legal purposes.

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From standard processing times to urgent cases, we are flexible enough to accommodate any of your needs. For standard Norwegian translation services, we can complete your document in 2 to 3 business days. On the other hand, our urgent Norwegian translation services have a 24 hours turnaround time.

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We handle all translation projects with care and confidentiality. Your documents are safe with us.

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Norwegian Documents We Translate

Norwegian Driver’s LicenceNorwegian Marriage CertificateNorwegian ID card
Norwegian Birth CertificateNorwegian Death CertificateNorwegian Police Clearance
Norwegian Degree CertificateNorwegian DiplomaNorwegian Academic Transcript
Norwegian Translator PerthNorwegian Translations PerthNorwegian Translators Perth

and all other Norwegian documents.


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5 Interesting Facts About the Norwegian Language

Norwegian translation services

  • Norwegian originated from the Old Norse language. It is a part of the North Germanic language.
  • There are more than 5 million native Norwegian speakers in Norway.
  • The language has two types of written language: the Nynorsk and Bokmal. Bokmal is the widely used form while Nynorsk is only used by around 10% of the country’s population.
  • Norwegian, Danish and Swedish is mutually intelligible languages.
  • The Norwegian language may sound lyrical. This is because it is a tonal language.