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Nepali NAATI Translation Services

Perth Translation provides high-quality Nepali translation services to retailers, successful brands, individuals, organisations and government agencies.

With an extensive network of professional and native Nepali translators with expertise in several industries such as business, financial, marketing, education, medical, individual and more, we are capable of helping your business reach more audience in the global market.

We can offer Nepali translation services from English to Nepali and vice versa. Our Nepali NAATI translators and project managers make sure that your content is translated with the target audience in mind without compromising the style and tone of the source document. We strive to deliver Nepali translation services that produce the same or better quality than the original text.

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In less than 15 minutes, you will receive a professional translation quote based on the complexity, length, subject matter, and turnaround of your document.

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Inform us of your hard copy requirement, and we will send it to you by Post as soon as possible (additional postage and handling fee applies). Allow a three to five days of waiting time for your package to arrive.

Nepali Documents We Translate

Nepali Driver’s LicenceNepali Marriage CertificateNepali ID card
Nepali Birth CertificateNepali Death CertificateNepali Police Clearance
Nepali Degree CertificateNepali DiplomaNepali Academic Transcript
Nepali Translator PerthNepali Translations PerthNepali Translators Perth

and all other Nepali documents.


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Save Money

With our affordable Nepali translation services, you can save more money. Our prices start at only $69.00 per page for most standard documents like licences and certificates. We are the most affordable Nepali translation services that are NAATI certified in Perth.

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Save Time

With fast turnaround times, you can save more time and not be held back by slow translations. We offer standard and rush processing times.

*Standard Processing Turnaround Time: 2 to 3 days

*Rush Processing Turnaround Time: less than 24 hours

If you have an urgent translation project, let us know via the Live Chat, and we can make the necessary arrangements to provide you with our Urgent Nepali translation services.

High Quality

We are proud of the quality of our translation projects. We always ensure to provide the highest quality of Nepali translation services. Our clients keep coming back because of that.

5 Interesting Facts About the Nepali Language

Nepali NAATI Translation Services

  • The Nepali language is sometimes also known as Gorkhali, Gurkhali, Gurkha or Khaskura.
  • More than 17 million people us the Nepali language in some parts of India and Nepal.
  • There are three provincial language gatherings in the Nepali language. These are the eastern, western and focal.
  • Nepali uses the Devanagari script.
  • The language has five nasal vowels and six oral vowels.  It also has around ten diphthongs.

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