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The majority of Australian authorities ask for a NAATI accredited translation of your Korean document. This is especially true when you are planning on living here and need to process your job applications or university admissions.

Sometimes, it’s the other way around; you want to live abroad, to South Korea perhaps. However, to get there, you will be required to process your visa and other immigration documents. As such, you’ll have to get your documents translated by a NAATI translator. Before you look for a Korean translation services provider, you first have to ask the authority who is asking for a translation if they need it certified by a NAATI translator.

Fast Translations? We Have You Covered

With Perth Translation, you get to avail of high-quality NAATI certified Korean translation services that won’t make you wait for a week or two. No, with us, you’ll be only be waiting for 2 to 3 business days to receive your translation.

However, we also offer Korean translation services for urgent cases; we are flexible enough to handle your rush translations. When you avail of our urgent Korean translation services, expect that your translation will be done in no more than 24 hours! That’s right. We offer two types of fast Korean translation services, only that the other is for urgent cases.

What Are You Waiting For?

Try Perth Translation today, change your life, chase your dreams or expand your target market. Get an exact FREE quote from our translation services form. Complete the required details and include your document so we can assess it properly to send you a firm quote for your translation.

Business? Yes, We Cover That Too

Aside from personal documents, Perth Translation is also capable of providing Korean translation services for businesses. We have the right translators who have years of experience and background in handling translation project in the business sector.

You can trust us in Perth Translation, to help you convey your message and expand your reach. If you are targeting the Korean population, it is needed that you can communicate with them in their native language to establish a closer connection with your audiences. Stay competitive and have higher conversions when you localise your website and marketing manuals.

Korean Documents We Translate

Korean Driver’s LicenceKorean Marriage CertificateKorean ID card
Korean Birth CertificateKorean Death CertificateKorean Police Clearance
Korean Degree CertificateKorean DiplomaKorean Academic Transcript
Korean Translator PerthKorean Translations PerthKorean Translators Perth

and all other Korean documents.


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Why Perth Translation

We are fast and affordable

Yes, we are. Your free quote will tell you how much you need to spend on your document. We have the lowest rates in the area for Korean translation services that’s NAATI certified and high quality.

We have high quality

Perth Translation boasts of affordable and fast translations. Every produced document is handled by translators who have years of experience. Your documents are safe with us. We can translate any topic thanks to our hundreds of skilled Korean translators.

We are always available

Our team also has customer service representatives who will email you the quote fast, reply to your questions and happy to assist with your translation needs. Don’t be shy and ask your questions In the Live Chat below.

5 Interesting Facts About the Korean LanguageKorean Translator Perth

  1. Korean does not have any significant link to other existing language. As such, it is considered as a language isolate.
  2. In every Koran sentence, the verb always comes last.
  3. Around 60% of the Korean words have originated from Chinese due to the historical connections between the two countries.
  4. North and South Korea speak different Korean language due to the time of separation between the two countries.
  5. Korean has an honorific system that involves different verb endings and vocabulary. This trait is similar to the Japanese language.