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Khmer Translation Services

Perth Translation specialises in translating documents in the following language pairs:

  • English to Khmer Translation Services
  • Khmer to English Translation Services

Not only do we produce Khmer translations that are accurate, but we also make sure that it is culturally sound. With our wide network of native Khmer speakers, you will only receive high-quality Khmer translations. We can translate any volume, dialect and topic of Khmer documents.

Our translators are highly qualified in delivering fast and quality Khmer translation services at the most affordable rates. Each one is specialised in translating documents in several industries such as medical, legal, business, personal, technical, financial and many more.

You can send us your document so we can assess it and provide you with the best Khmer quote in less than 15 minutes for FREE! Just complete the translation form placed on this web page.

Why Choose Perth Translation?

You may be a Khmer who decided to migrate to Australia and needs an English translation of your Khmer documents for your visa application, university admission or job application. Or you may be traveller looking for Khmer translation services to help you translate your driver’s licence so you can drive around Australia. You might be a business who needs help in translating their content to Khmer so you can reach more audience.

If you are one of the mentioned above, don’t worry. Perth Translation has you covered. We provide high-quality Khmer translation services for the lowest rates. We have experienced Khmer translators who have years of experience in translating documents for several industries. Whether you have a legal, financial, medical, personal, technical or a business document, you can count on Perth Translation to deliver the best Khmer translation services.

If you need any help with your translation, our customer support is available 24 hours, seven days a week to answer your queries and assist with your translations.

Khmer Documents We Translate

Khmer Driver’s LicenceKhmer Marriage CertificateKhmer ID card
Khmer Birth CertificateKhmer Death CertificateKhmer Police Clearance
Khmer Degree CertificateKhmer DiplomaKhmer Academic Transcript
Khmer Translator PerthKhmer Translations PerthKhmer Translators Perth

and all other Khmer documents.


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Order Your Khmer Translation Today!

To avail of our Khmer translation services, simply follow the following steps.

  1. Request for a free quote by filling in your details in the translation form found on this page. Snap a photo of your document using your phone or scan it and upload it via the quote form.
  2. We will check your document and assess it then send you the firm quote for your Khmer price request. In pricing, we consider the document’s length, subject and turnaround time. The free quote will be sent to you in less than 15 minutes via email.
  3. Process your translation order via credit card, PayPal or direct banking fund transfer.
  4. The translation process will commence after we verify your payment. Once the translation is finished, expect to receive a draft of the completed translation.
  5. Please let us know if you are satisfied with the draft so we can proceed to send you the final copy of your translation through email. If you require a hard copy, do let us know. We are more than happy to assist you with your translation needs. Additional postage and handling fee applies.

About the Khmer LanguageKhmer Translation Services

The Khmer language serves as Cambodia’s official language. It currently has around 16 million speakers and is the second widely used Austroasiatic language. It is the oldest written language of the family of Mon-Khmer language. Most Khmer speakers use the Central Khmer dialect. Unlike the other languages near Cambodia, Khmer is not a tonal language. It is written using the Khmer script that came from the Brahmi script.

If you have a Khmer document for translation, try our Khmer translation services today and get a free quote via the translation from on this page.