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Albanian is less common in most language translation services providers, but this doesn’t mean it’s less than important. The Albanian language, also known as Shqip, has more than 6 million native speakers. The majority of these people reside in Albania and some parts of southern Europe.

When looking for a professional Albanian translation services provider in Perth and around Australia, you have to choose wisely especially when it comes to Albanian to English translations. This language pair is more difficult compared to English to Albanian translations. After all, there are only a few native speakers of the English language who can speak Albanian.

A person who knows the Albanian language well can’t be considered a professional Albanian translator unless he or she has specialised translation skills so he or she can provide:

  • Albanian Technical Translations
  • Albanian Legal Translations
  • Albanian Financial Translations
  • Albanian Medical Translations
  • Albanian Business Translations
  • Albanian Personal Translations

After much screening, Perth Translation is proud to have Albanian translators who have the right skills, specialisations, qualifications, experiences and knowledge to translate any document to and from the Albanian language. Our Albanian NAATI translators and project managers work hand in hand to provide you with the best Albanian translation services.

We make sure your translation projects are handled with professionalism. For more than seven years, we have only provided accurate translations that are free from any embarrassing mistakes. Get a free quote on your project by only filling in the translation form and submitting a photo or scan of your document.

Albanian NAATI Translators

At Perth Translation, we have an excellent team of Albanian translators who are NAATI certified to provide Albanian translation services that conform to NAATI’s strict standards. You can submit our translations to any Australian government or institution that ask for Albanian NAATI translations.

Albanian Documents We Translate

Albanian Driver’s LicenceAlbanian Marriage CertificateAlbanian ID card
Albanian Birth CertificateAlbanian Death CertificateAlbanian Police Clearance
Albanian Degree CertificateAlbanian DiplomaAlbanian Academic Transcript
Albanian Translator PerthAlbanian Translations PerthAlbanian Translators Perth

and all other Albanian documents.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can you complete my Albanian translation?

Our translators can finish translating a standard Albanian document within 2 to 3 working days, and often much sooner. For urgent translations, we offer Express Albanian translation services; completed in less than 24 hours!

How much are your Albanian translation services?

For Albanian to English or English to Albanian translation services, we offer most certificates, licences and other one-page standard documents for only AU $69.00 per page.  Business documents, on the other hand, are translated on a per word price basis. As each document is different from one another, we reserve the right to review your document before providing you with a quotation. To get your free quote, just fill in the form you see on this page, and we will email you in less than 15 minutes.

Do you have Albanian translators who are NAATI certified?

Yes, all of our Albanian translators are NAATI certified, so your documents are always translated in the highest quality.

For any questions regarding our Albanian translation services, feel free to contact us using the Live Chat on this page, and we will reply as soon as we can.

About the Albanian LanguageAlbanian Translation Services

  • Albanian is considered as an isolated language of the Indo-European tree of languages.
  • Experts are having a hard time finding out the origins of Albanian as most of its relatives haven’t survived.
  • The Albanian language has two main dialects: the Gheg and Tosk. Tosk is mostly spoken in the southern parts of Albania while Gheg is in the northern area.
  • The Tosk dialect has the standardised Albanian version. As much as 80% of the official Albanian is composed of Tosk.
  • For several years, the language has used various alphabets such as the Cyrillic, Arabic, Elbasan, Todhri, Greek, Latin and Veso Bey. Nowadays, Albanian has its very own alphabet that’s derived from Latin.