Afrikaans Translation Services in Perth

Afrikaans Translation Services

Perth Translation has the Afrikaans translation services that you’ll love! If you need Afrikaans to English and English to Afrikaans translation services, then you have clicked on the right page. With top-notch translators and experienced project managers, we provide the best quality of Afrikaans translations that are completed fast at affordable rates.

We have translated documents for more than seven years with friendly customer service and unmatched quality for Afrikaans translation services. Today, we receive high volumes of translation requests, as such Perth Translation employs a team of specialised translators and full-time project managers who make sure that our clients receive the best Afrikaans translation services. Perth Translation features a service that ensures the client’s requirements are met and a review process that adheres to NAATI’s standards and ensures a high level of translation accuracy.

NAATI Certified Translations

Throughout our translation history, Perth Translation has continuously shown quality Afrikaans translation services. We have NAATI certified translators who have the skills and qualifications to take on any translation project.

Afrikaans Translations of Any Topic

Afrikaans translation

Translations for each industry may include words that have no literal translations. As Perth’s leading provider of Afrikaans translation services, we can provide experienced translators who are specialised in each field. We match every translation project that we receive to the most qualified translator. Our Afrikaans NAATI translators specialise in the following industries:

  • Medical Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Business Translation

Afrikaans to English and Vice Versa Documents That We Translate

We provide Afrikaans translation services for all sorts of documents. These include the following:

Afrikaans Driver’s LicenceAfrikaans Marriage CertificateAfrikaans ID card
Afrikaans Birth CertificateAfrikaans Death CertificateAfrikaans Police Clearance
Afrikaans Degree CertificateAfrikaans DiplomaAfrikaans Academic Transcript
Afrikaans Translator PerthAfrikaans Translations PerthAfrikaans Translators Perth

and all other Afrikaans documents.


Express Service Option

NAATI Accredited

Competitive Prices

Why Work With Us?

  1. We have handpicked native and fluent speakers of both Afrikaans and English languages. This allows us to produce translations that are culturally appropriate. Your business contents will resonate with your target market.
  2. Our project managers check and double check every translation to make sure all contents are accurate before sending it to you.
  3. We understand how important your translations are. If you have any special requests and queries, you can contact us anytime via the Live Chat on this page. Our representatives are available 24/7 to help you with your translation needs.
  4. Our translation team is composed of industry-specific experienced translators. You will be confident that you only receive contents that can connect with your target audience.
  5. We have worked with several individuals, community organisations, companies, and government agencies.

Start Your Translation Now

  • If you are ready to get your translation started, simply fill in the translation form on this web page and click the submit button. In 15 minutes, you will receive a firm quote via email at no cost.
  • Process your translation order using PayPal transfer, online banking or credit cards.
  • Most of our translations are finished within 2 to 3 business days. We will be sending you a draft of the translated document which you will check and approve if you are satisfied.
  • Once your approval is received, we will email you the completed translation of your document. For hard copies, we can send you one by Post (additional postage and handling fee applies).

About the Afrikaans Language

Around 7.2 million people use Afrikaans as their native language which is a part of the Indo-European family of languages. It is also classified as a West Germanic language spoken mostly in Namibia and South Africa. However, you can also find Afrikaans speakers in Zimbabwe and Botswana. The language was derived from Dutch which is why it is referred to as its daughter language. Despite taking loanwords from Khoisan and German languages, Afrikaans’ vocabulary is composed of 90 to 95% words that originated from the Dutch language.

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