single status certificate translation

When you come from a different country and your significant other is Australian, you will need a single status certificate. This certificate signifies that you are currently not married and has proof that you are allowed to marry.

If your single status certificate is written in a non-english form,  you need to have them translated. And often times, you will be required to have its translation NAATI certified.

Perth Translation is the leading translations services provider in Perth and in Australia. We have hundreds of translators who are highly skilled, NAATI certified and experienced.

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NAATI Certified Single Status Certificate Translations

NAATI is an  authority when it comes to the translating and  interpreting industry. It is the accreditation body that enforces the national standards and certifies both translators and interpreters in Australia. Since most legal authorities and government departments require NAATI translations, the best option for you when it comes to a single status certificate translation is to have it translated by accredited professionals. Perth Translation is home to hundreds of experienced and NAATI certified  translators who can handle your single status certificate and translate it quickly, and professionally.

We have a lot of translators who have a proven track record and years of experience in the translation industry. We’re confident that your documents will be translated by the best and will adhere to the high quality and standards of NAATI.

Why Choose Us?

Quick Translation Time

Throughout our years of service, we have translated thousands of documents including single status certificates. Because of this, we have grown accustomed to the ins and outs on how to better translate a document. We have learned how to handle single status certificate translations in a more efficient and time-saving way.  We also take pride on how well we communicate with our clients to ensure that your translation is completed and delivered on time.

Order Online

With our many years of experience working in the industry, we highly understand how uncomfortable and unconventional taking a trip to the office and standing in line is. So we have devised a way for you to order at the comfort of your home. Just simply send us a photo or a scan of your single status certificate and order online.

Available on-demand, 24/7

If you have queries or any kind of questions,  then feel free to contact us via the live chat feature located on our website. A customer support representative is always on the line to assist you with all of your translation needs.

Competitive Rates

Aside from us being the leading translation services provider, we also have affordable rates. Starting at $69 per single status certificate, you can have a high-quality translated document that can be accepted anywhere, by anyone in Australia. Prices do increase depending on the other services that you need.

NAATI Certified Translations

Nowadays, it’s harder to find a government agency that does not require a NAATI Translated document. Most will ask for NAATI certified translations. When you order a translation from us, you will be confident that your translation is high quality and accurate.

Our translators are all NAATI certified which means that any kind of document shape or form that we translate automatically has an NAATI certificate.

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We provide free quotes. You can request for a quote and you don’t have to pay anything! Just send us a photo or a scan of your single status certificate  and we will send you the firm quote.

How To Order?

We have made ordering our translation service simple and easily accessible. Just follow these few steps.

  1. Send us a photo of your single status certificate. After 15 minutes, we will send you a quote indicating the price of the service.
  2. Then, complete the bysSending as the payment via paypal, credit card, or bank transfer.
  3. We will start the translation process immediately after receiving your payment.
  4. Once the translation is complete, we will send you a draft of the finished product. If you are satisfied, we will send you the final soft copy.

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Great translation, very quick, professional, and amazing!!! Definitely recommended

Novita, Australia

My translation was done within 24 hours as promised and it was perfect. I also love how they responded to my emails really promptly. Highly recommended.

Ryan, Australia

Express Perth Tranlators

NAATI accredited Perth Translators

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How quickly can you translate my document?

We provide several options for you to choose from

  1. Standard Processing Time –  with this service, you will get your translation done within 2 to 3 business days
  2. Express Processing Time – This service means that your  document will be processed, translated, and sent to you within 24 hours.  We make the necessary adjustments, expedite, and prioritise your single status certificate translation.

Do you provide hard copies?

At your request, we can send you a hard copy of your document via Australian post (additional postage and handling fee applies). We can send it via express post or regular post depending on your liking.

Do you provide a NAATI certified single status certificate translation?

Yes, we do. We have NAATI certified professional translators who specialise in translating single status certificates.

What languages do you translate from?

Here are some of the languages we translate from. if you can’t find your language,  don’t be discouraged, just contact us through the live chat feature of our website so we can assist you further.

Afrikaans Single Status Certificate TranslationDutch Single Status Certificate TranslationJapanese Single Status Certificate TranslationPersian Single Status Certificate Translation
Albanian Single Status Certificate TranslationFrench Single Status Certificate TranslationKhmer Single Status Certificate TranslationPolish Single Status Certificate Translation
Arabic Single Status Certificate TranslationGerman Single Status Certificate TranslationKorean Single Status Certificate TranslationRussian Single Status Certificate Translation
Bengali Single Status Certificate TranslationGreek Single Status Certificate TranslationLithuanian Single Status Certificate TranslationSerbian Single Status Certificate Translation
Bosnian Single Status Certificate TranslationHebrew Single Status Certificate TranslationMacedonian Single Status Certificate TranslationSinhalese Single Status Certificate Translation
Chinese Single Status Certificate TranslationHindi Single Status Certificate TranslationMalay Single Status Certificate TranslationSpanish Single Status Certificate Translation
Croatian Single Status Certificate TranslationIndonesian Single Status Certificate TranslationNepali Single Status Certificate TranslationSwedish Single Status Certificate Translation
Czech Single Status Certificate TranslationItalian Single Status Certificate TranslationNorwegian Single Status Certificate TranslationThai Single Status Certificate Translation
Slovak Single Status Certificate TranslationTurkish Single Status Certificate TranslationUkrainian Single Status Certificate TranslationVietnamese Single Status Certificate Translation