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Every year, more than 118,962 weddings are held in Australia. On average, males get married at 29.9 years old while the female population gets married at 28.3 years old. By any chance, if you got married abroad, then you will have to get it translated back to English to be used in Australia. Let us assist you with your translation needs.

A majority of Australian authorities ask for a NAATI translation of your document. If you’re looking for a marriage certificate translation that’s NAATI certified, then Perth Translation can help you. We provide competitive rates for our translations which includes a NAATI stamp as well as proofreading. Before the start of the translation process, always check with the authority you’re submitting your marriage certificate to. Inquire about their requirements.

So What is a NAATI Certified Translation?

Unlike other countries, Australia is strict with the quality of document translations in the industry. Because of this, the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) was established to provide the national standards and accreditation in the translation sector.

A NAATI translator is someone who has passed the standards of NAATI regarding providing a high-quality document translation. Rest assured that Perth Translation has handpicked the best NAATI translators who have the skills and years of experience in providing the best translations.

Why Choose Us For Your Marriage Certificate Translation?

Perth Translation is a NAATI certified marriage certificate translation provider in the city. We are among the top choices for translations because of our competitive rates, quick turnaround and high-quality translations. Every year, we have hundreds of clients who avail of our marriage certificate translation and come back for another. Join our list of satisfied clients and get your marriage certificate translation certified by a NAATI translator.

Competitive Rates

Our marriage certificate translation service is one of the most affordable services in Perth. Our translations are priced for as low as AU $69. However, our prices change for each document depending on the language, deadline and length.

Ask for a free quote by simply completing the translation quote form on this page. We will get back to you in just 15 minutes!

Quick Turnaround

We love to provide our clients with the best marriage certificate translation by offering a fast translation service. You can easily receive your translated document via email in 2 to 3 business days with our standard translation services. If you are in a hurry, we can provide you with our Urgent marriage certificate translation where we can complete the NAATI certified document translation in no more than 24 hours. Do mention your choice when you tell us your translation requirements.

High Quality

With our NAATI certified translators, we can easily provide our clients with the best translation that’s guaranteed to be accepted by any authority in Australia and overseas. We ensure that every translation is of high quality with the help of our project managers who unceasingly check every final translation for any error, misspelling and inaccuracies.

Why Marriage Certificates are Important

Marriage certificates are one of the essential documents a married person has because:

  • It shows proof that you are legally married to your spouse.
  • It serves as legal proof in any place around the globe where you can resolve any legal issue.
  • It helps in updating a social security card, a driver’s licence, and other types of identification.
  • It serves as a proof when you are travelling outside the country on the visa of your spouse as a basis.
  • It proves that your marriage is legal for insurances, property partnerships, joint accounts, businesses and many more.

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Excellent service. Perfect translation from Danish to English first time around with very efficient friendly service. Highly recommend.

Sheila, Victoria

Best translation service I’ve ever used , quick , professional and by far the most competitive price of the other quotes I received.

Matt, United Kingdom

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